FCHS Freshmen Survive First Year of High School

FCHS Freshmen Survive First Year of High School

Vicky Lam, Staff Writer

Entering high school is a milestone for every student. In movies and books high school can often be described as terrifying or nerve-wracking, however this isn’t always the case.

As a freshman it’s expected that you are going to be nervous and that there might be teasing from the older students but it’s not too bad. My year as a freshman has been a complete blur. It went by in a snap and I can only really remember good things, there was no locker stuff-ing or major stereotypical freshmen treatment. I thought it would be super difficult to blend in and that people would immediately know who the freshmen were but in reality every- one has their own busy schedule and no one actually pays attention. Making friends with people in different grades is a great way to expand your social

circle and get to know more people who have the same interests as you do. Here are some reflections from other Jaguars, and how they got through their first year of high school:

Erin Poplin (9): “I think my freshman year has been more fun than I expected because Falls Church is a very spirited school. I ex- pected it to be harder and more serious than it is. I was surprised at the amount of friends I made as fast I did.”

Julian Hockenberry (9): “Freshman year is always sort of tough for everyone; you of-ten have to reform your friend groups. Often times you have to find new things to get involved with, like theatre or sports, a lot of your freshman year is spent trying to find your own little niche.”

Nelly Addo (10): “I remember my freshman year went by so fast, it was great that I had two history teachers who were amazing, Ms. Sherman and Ms. Jones. The hardest part was having to retake the Biology SOL, but going to the morning reviews really helped me pass my other SOLs.”

So while your freshman year may not have been perfect, it’s not like in the movies where people are treated terribly and constantly get picked on. As long as you enjoy your year and have fun then you should have a decent, even great first year of high school.