Prom 2016 Was a Success


(Photo courtesy of Erin Poplin)

William Rhodes, Feature Editor

The 2016 Prom was a success! It was held on Friday, April 22 at the Westin Tysons Corner from 8 to 11 p.m. Falls Church’s Prom welcomed both juniors and senior to its dance. Prom is a defining memory for most student’s high school experience, and for many, this year’s did not disappoint. There also was a great turnout; 277 tickets were sold altogether.

The Falls Church community thoroughly enjoyed Prom, from students to teachers. Nada Lahjouji (12) said, “Having moved to America this past year, Prom was a great experience to get involved in American culture. It was also really fun to get to spend the night with my friends.” Tran Truong (12) also attended Prom and had a great time: “Going to Prom was bittersweet because it was a fun night with my closest friends, but I realized this would be the last class event, other than graduation.”

One of the junior class sponsors who helped put Prom together was Ms. Hales, a history and government teacher. “I am proud of all the work put in by the Junior class officers and others that volunteered their time.  They helped to ensure that prom went very smoothly and that it looked good when everyone arrived.  It was also such a good opportunity to see students dressed up and having a good time outside of school!”

Elizabeth Ashley (11) is the junior class president and someone who put many hours of effort into planning Prom. She said, “Planning prom was a real honor and I really enjoyed getting to make a magical night for everyone! The set up was hectic but it was all paid off on Friday night and I hope everyone who attended had just as much fun at the dance as I did! I just want to thank the other officers and the prom committee, as well as our Junior class sponsors for making all of this possible.”

The entire Falls Church High School community worked tirelessly to make Prom what it was—a night to remember for many juniors and seniors. The Jagwire staff and Falls Church community would like to thank the prom committee and junior class for planning and organizing Prom. Juniors have one more year to go to another Prom, while this was the last dance for the seniors. Many seniors are happy to celebrate Prom, but sad that this was their last school dance. It also signals that the school year is coming to a close and graduation is sooner than expected. Prom is a night to remember and the volunteers made it a great one!

Erin Poplin (11) was the photographer in the photo booth at Prom. You can check out the pictures on Facebook at Erin Poplin Photography.