Humans of Falls Church: Start of a New School Year

By Noah Sedmak, Staff Writer


This year is the first year and last year for some of our

students at Falls Church High School. This is an exciting time of

year for most of our students. For freshmen it’s their first year and

they’re still getting used to being in high school and they’re getting

to know the surroundings of the school. There are many

things for them to do to get used to being in high school and

meeting new people and making new friends by joining clubs

and playing Fall sports which start in August. Freshman year is

also a great year to start working hard at school so you can have a

good GPA to start your high school career and create good study

habits to prepare for the tougher sophomore and junior years.

For sophomores this is their second year, so this is the first

year they can take AP classes to get ready for junior year, which is

known as the hardest year of high school. This is the second year for

sophomores to be in school clubs, be on sports teams, and the start

for them to take on leadership roles. This year will bring on many

new opportunities for sophomores. Ryan Bailey (10) said, “It’s a

great new year that I think will bring a lot of new opportunities.”

Juniors are starting to experience what is supposed to be the

hardest year of their high school careers. This is the year that colleges

look at to see if you have what it takes to go to their school.

This year is the most stressful for juniors because they have to

juggle sports, or clubs, and all the school work from their tougher

class schedule. Students are already beginning to feel the stress

of junior year after the first month of school. Paul Huddleston

(11) said, “So far, I am equally terrified and excited for junior year.

My rigorous curriculum has thus far shown me that there is no

time for a break and that is a daunting detail. Overall, however, I

am very excited to start my junior year and get the ball rolling.”

This is an exciting year for the seniors, because it’s their last

year, and we want to make it great for them. Max Miller (12) said,

“This year is about finishing strong and having fun.” There are a variety

of events that seniors experience, such as going to Homecoming,

submitting college applications and making the big decision about

where they will go for their next phase of life after Falls Church.

All in all, this is going to be a great and exciting year for the students

at Falls Church High School, no matter what grade you are in.