Is Argentina going Downhill?

Bruno Puebla, Staff Writer

It was the most anticipated match for many Argentines everywhere. It was supposed to be the major turning point in the international’s team aching, disappointing season. I’m talking about the Argentina vs. Brazil qualifier game. The turn out of the game would have predicted the five teams that would be leaving South America, and flying overseas for the 2018 World Cup in Russia. Sadly Argentina is currently left out the World Cup in Russia, being in sixth place of the South American qualifier. That’s why this game was so important, sadly the Argentines have made great mistake in the past game.

Argentina came to Brazil with a team that many Argentines have disapproved off, yet the team had a certain promise that boosted morale for the players, especially with the appearance of Messi (10 Argentina). In my opion Argentina had a great first 20 minutes, they came with constant back to back counter attacks to Brazil, and the tries on goal were outstanding. I’d like to also point out Biglia’s (6 Argentina) attempt at goal that was from far out, yet a great try at goal. Although Argentina did come with determination to play and win, after the first goal scored by Brazil, they become greatly frustrated with each other, leading to players to blame each other every time one teammate did something wrong. Perez (8 Argentina) was a player who I thought got really mad at himself every time his shot at goal didn’t work. Mascherano (14 Argentina) was someone who, also, was complaining about the player’s mistake. This is one reason why I thought Argentina failed to win to Brazil.

Another reason is the squad lineup. The squad consists of players that mostly play in Europe and most of them are friends of Messi, giving this generation of the Argentine squad the nickname: “ Messi’s Friends”. This is one big problem that needs to be fixed, Argentina’s head coach, needs to find new players who are hungry to win. The only place to look to find these players, is in the Argentine soccer league. Here are players that want to win, and would do anything to lift a trophy. If the head coach places these players on the squad, then without a doubt they are gonna put more work in than the current “Superstar” squad.

I greatly believe that change is needed in the squad, when this happens the head coach of the Argentina national team will be able to freely move around players as he sees fit, making a team that will win, make results, and never back down from a challenge. Comment down below what you believe needs to happen to the Argentine squad, should they change, or should they stick with the same squad and fix other issues?