Appreciation of Art Can Open Many Doors

By Rachel Opoku, Staff Writer

Art appreciation is the great understanding of aspects around the world that help make up and identify different qualities of artwork. How would you define art? Many people would define art as paintings, clay models, sculptures, portraits, and photographs, but have you ever thought about it more in depth? Art is directly tied to culture in many ways. It’s an expressive exercise that allows you to experience many different emotions that can be shown through abstract colors, patterns, designs, and more. By the description of abstract artwork, it can tell stories, explain ideas, ask questions, and hold a lot of meaning in just one piece. Believe it or not, artists find many ways to express themselves with almost any method. It’s their way of unveiling their creativity to form visual prints that make such incredible photos only using just typical materials. Everyday artists find new ways to deliver their messages differently through the context of their work. Whether or not you have a lot or a little art experience, all students still have artistic abilities in them. Many people here at Falls Church High School have been able to identify their artistic talents. Clarissa Flores (9) commented, “Art is a great way to pass time and have fun. Painting and sketching brings me joy and allows me to express myself in a way that words never could. Since a picture speaks a thousand words I let what I create speak for itself. It’s also exciting when I can work with others to create new pieces or just to mess around with friends.” Fizza Hussain (9) also added, “Art is a great strategy to express your inner self, as well as your inner emotions.”  An education in the arts benefit Fairfax County Public School students by helping them gain helpful tools for understanding human experiences in the past, the present, and the future, learning how to adapt to and respect other people’s ways of thinking, working, and their ability to express themselves, communicating their thoughts and feelings in a variety of modes, and many more units to add. The visual arts program helps students develop many leadership skills that will be needed in order to succeed in life.  Art is a course that is very much appreciated because there are many lessons you can learn, but not many people realize it because they think that it’s all about painting. Art can also be a great stress reliever because it can take whatever you’re stressed about off your mind.  The more you understand the concept of different art skills, the better you can grow and develop to improve your art work.  Luckily, Falls Church High School provides art as a course if students are interested.  Overall, Art is a great exercise to relive stress, and express creativity through different formats of expression.