Baseball Rounds Its Way into Spring

Curran Gilster, Online Editor

Baseball is America’s Pastime and is still enjoyed today in our school. We have kids among us who love to swing the bat and run the bases. Andrew Grey (9) is one of the new faces in the Falls Church baseball program. He said, “I love the feeling of getting out there and doing our best for our school and having fun while doing it.” When asked about his favorite part of practice, he replied, “I like walking out in spring and having the smell of freshly cut grass hit me.”
Baseball sometimes is forgotten at our school, but really it should be right in the spotlight with some of the other big sports here. Noah Sedmak (12) said, “We have been improving a lot over the last couple years and have a chance to compete for a spot in the playoffs.” He also said this about baseball’s support from the student body, “We would really like if some more students could come out and support us—it would make a big difference to the guys on the team.”
The Jags have games all against familiar faces like J.E.B. Stuart, Edison, and Marshall high schools. But they also have some out-of-conference games against teams like George Mason, Mount Vernon, and Park View high schools.
Our Junior Varsity team is also ready for spring. Jacob Morin (10) said, “Our JV has the potential to be very good, we have a couple really good freshman and some returners who will help us win some ball games.” When asked about why he plays baseball, he said, “I enjoy the game and have a blast playing it, especially when we are winning. I find baseball to be one of the most fun things on Earth.”
Baseball is one of the sports that can get be easily forgotten but needs some love. Our baseball team has the potential to be very good but we need to back them and give them our support. Also, who doesn’t want to go to a ball game on a nice spring evening and forget about all of the worries in the world? The team’s next game, on Tuesday, April 17 at home is a big one against Hayfield High School, so make sure you are there!

Noah Lazo (12) pitches the ball to the batter.
(Photo by Lifetouch)