Club of the Month: Bike Club

Curran Gilster, Online Editor

This issue’s Club of the Month is the Bike Club. The Bike Club meets every Wednesday in Room 263. The club is sponsored by Spanish and German teacher, as well as bike enthusiast, Mr. Zlatnik. The club focuses on fixing bikes to return them to their past glory. When asked what the Bike Club is all about, he says, “We like to give students a place to explore their passion for bikes and pass on knowledge to the younger generation.” He also said,” We donate some of fixed bikes to the homeless to help them get around.” The club also offers a program where students can earn a bike. As Mr. Zlatnik explains, “If students spend 25 hours working on a bike, they can earn a bike for themselves to keep.”
The Bike Club is a great place to spend some time after school. Students get to learn about bikes and gain very useful knowledge for the future. Justin Ho (11) said this about the Bike Club: “I have lots of fun riding bikes and it is very relaxing for me, and Bike Club gives me the opportunity to encourage other people to ride bikes.” When asked what he enjoys about Bike Club, he said, “It gives me an opportunity to share my passion with other people. Before I joined Bike Club I didn’t know much about bikes and how to fix them but little by little I learned more and it’s really going to help me in the long run when my bike’s wheel is flat, or when my chain breaks and I’ll know how to fix it.”
The Bike Club is a great opportunity for students to learn a useful skill that could come in handy down the road. It is also a fun environment with people who have a deep passion for bikes and love to express it. The Bike Club invites all who want to work on bikes for a good cause and help out the community. You can also earn yourself a bike after working on it. The Bike Club is a great place and will offer any members valuable knowledge for the future.

Members of the Bike Club examine a bike for any issues.
(Photo by Curran Gilster)