Opening Doors and Setting You Up: High School Sports

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Sadya Ouedraogo, Feature Editor

High school sports mean different things to different people. To one person it may mean a possibility of playing in college and to another it may be the pursuit of an interest or passion. Some of our Falls Church varsity athletes have interesting plans—take a look!


Kendall Trautz (12)

“I’m not planning to play football in college anymore. It was my original goal, but now I’ve decided against it because it is very demanding to play college sports. However, football has helped me become a more organized person because I had to manage my schedule.”


Nate Thatcher (12)

“It would be nice to play basketball in college, but it’s too much of a time commitment for me. I simply enjoy playing the sport and the different experiences that come along with it. Basketball has helped me embrace my leadership skills on and off the court which is something I can apply in many areas of my life.”


Amy Rock (12)

“Lacrosse is a sport that I came across because my brother played; from that time, I invested myself in it. Over the years I’ve truly enjoyed the sport due to the ambiance of my teams. I am happy to say that I will be playing for the University of the District of Columbia next year.”


Henry Palencia (12)

“I would like to play in college but due to my recent injury I’m not sure. Soccer has taught me perseverance because I started young and I am still pursuing my goal to the best of my abilities.”


Kate Maines (12)

“I was introduced to softball through similar sports when I was younger. In college I intend to play for intramural clubs because softball has become a passion of mine.”


Janna Shakir (12)

“Over the years, I’ve became equally competent in tennis and soccer; high school sports allowed me to stay active in a simple way due to my previously acquired skills.”


Brittney Barbaro (12)

“The opportunity to play college sports was something that I came across while playing soccer; if I end up playing for a college I hope that it would be for Shenandoah University. High school sports have taught me the importance to having a strong team connection and the difference of playing with your heart.”