Halftime is Over


(Photo courtesy of jackiedana.com)

Okay Jaguars, we are midway through the year and halftime is over.

For many, this school year has flown by and the end of it is fast approaching. With midterms in the not-so-distant past, we are realizing now more than ever the need to focus and improve our grades from the first two quarters. It is not too late to bring up a low gpa, come after school to get help, make a new study plan, and get organized.

Saturday Learning Seminar is a great opportunity for students who need a little extra help to come review with their teachers and peers. Most teachers are often available after school for help and are willing and able to answer your questions. Another way to get help is during Jag Time. Jag was rearranged this year so that students could get extra help in their classes, and this opportunity should not be wasted. If you know you have a certain Jag one day, take advantage of the chance to improve your understanding of the subjects you are struggling in. The library is another resource that is available to students after school. You can go there and study in quiet to get ahead of your workload. It is not too late to get those grades up.

If you have not participated in any clubs or sports this year, think about joining. Many clubs are still available and tryouts for new sports will be happening in the spring. There are still opportunities to be had at Falls Church, even though many people may not realize it.

For anyone who may be stuck in a rut during this important time, view this as a new beginning. Instead of letting your grades drop, zoning out in school, or becoming unfocused, use this chance to get reenergized and become determined to stick it out until the end of the year. Many peo- ple try their hardest during the beginning of the year and let their grades drop towards the end; do not let that be you. For anyone who may have been “out of it” these first two quarters, this is your wake up call. The end of the school year will be here quicker than you realize. Between the temperamental weather, prom, SOL testing, and graduation, the rest of the year is going to be one huge blur.

Be careful of ignoring this crucial halfway mark in 2015; it can be a fresh start, but only if you make it one. Do not give up because you think there is no point to the rest of the year. There is.