A Day in the Life of TAs, SAs, and Runners

(Staff Photo)

(Staff Photo)

Phiney Wong and Catherine Le

All students are very busy with their homework and classes at school, but what about the students that have a free period and have nothing to do? There are some students who actually act as little helpers to the teachers and staffs as assistants, such as teacher assistants, runners, and one student aide.  Here in FCHS, there’s a lot of them and we had a chance to ask some of them about their jobs.

First, we interviewed junior Meghan Cuma. This is her first year in FCHS; she used to go to Marshall.  She is Ms. Logie’s teacher assistant (TA) for 7th Period.  She chose Ms. Logie because she wants to go into the medical field and this was the best option she could get.  Normally, she does the warm ups with them and helps them when doing labs.

We asked her what she does after she’s done and if she feels unwelcome.  She answered, “Usually I do my homework if there isn’t anything to do and I don’t feel awkward with them. I feel close with them.”  We also wondered if this has credits.  She answered, “I don’t get credit but it’s in my transcript.

We asked if she is the only TA and her response was she’s the only TA in Ms. Logie’s class.  “I choose to be Ms. Logie’s TA because I believe it will get me a head start in the medical field.  Ms. Logie is a great teacher who I am around to help and everyone in 7th period was very attentive and eager to learn about biology.”

Another student we got to interview is an SA, also known as a student aide.  Audrey Matias is her name, she is currently a senior, and has the distinction of being the only SA in the building.  She didn’t need any special requirements like others and she didn’t have a seventh period. So she had a choice between film studies, guitar, and being a student aide and she chose to be an SA under Ms. Belinda Kim, Mr. Bobby Krause, Ms. Esther Rodriguez, and Ms. Jeanne Kelly in the Student Activities office.  She usually helps with papers, such as stapling and organizing, hands out passes from the student athletes, and works on the calendar for sports. If not doing these tasks, then she does her homework. There are no credits for helping out. However, it’s good for your résumé since you’re helping the school faculty.

We asked if she had any words to any student who might have a free period. “If you have free time and just want to help out with the school faculty, being a student aide is an interesting experience,” Audrey answered. “When helping out, you get to know other teachers better.” She says when she is with them, she is treated like family and has some good memories.

We also asked students, who help in guidance—Bobbi Cool, Rebecca Payne, and Jessie España—all of whom are currently seniors.  They usually do paperwork, but their favorite task to do is giving out passes. We also wondered if they would prefer to go to another class or keep staying and help out in guidance and they all prefer to stay.

Lastly, we asked if there was anything they would like to say about being a runner. “If you have a free class period and don’t mind handing out passes and meeting cool people, being a TA would be something you can do,” says Rebecca.  “It’s fun to show around new kids in school and if they don’t know English, you can help them,” says Jessie.  “Help guidance if you don’t mind giving out passes, and beside you might meet your old teachers again and your friends too,” says Bobbi.

TAs actually do work that a teacher would normally do. They do a lot of work to help the students out and encourage them to do well in their studies. They are very helpful for the staffs. So if you end up having a free period next year, take this under consideration and help out.