Falls Church Soccer Goes For Goal


(Staff photo)

Edward Cochrane, Sports Editor

Last year varsity soccer ended the season with an impressive 9-8 record. This season varsity soccer is 1-8-2.

When asked about the differences between the soccer team last year and this year Leandro Terrico (10) said, “l feel like the whole soccer program has changed as a whole for the better, the intensity has not only improved our skills but has also bettered us as team players for Falls Church, just as every other sport in Falls Church we want to be better than the rest, and I feel that our soccer program embodies that exact ideal.”

Leandro explained his reasoning for the team’s recent struggles: “Our recent losing streak has come a shock to us all; our coaches have seen improvements in our play though the results aren’t there. I personally believe it’s the lack of consistent practices and games.”

About the condition that goes into soccer, Leandro stated: “For the varsity team, almost all players are well conditioned so it’s not something we concentrate on but the practice that we do is intense on its own level.”

Leandro describes an average day of practice: “After a quick warm up we get right into some fast paced drills, keeping us on our toes. Practice usually ends with a shootout of some sorts. Or if the following day is a game, some wind-sprints.”

Daniel Quiroga (10) had this to say about the difficulties the varsity team has had this season: “The injury of arguably two of our players that were going into their senior ready to shine has definitively been detrimental to the performance of the team.”

Daniel also identified some strengths and weaknesses of his team: “The team has improved on communication and working as a whole. Finishing has been an issue; we have many opportunities but most of the time the ball just seems to go anywhere besides the back of the net.”

The team’s final regular season game of the season is home tonight against Washington-Lee, starting at 7 pm.  Be sure and come out and support the team, especially the seniors!