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Seniors Christine Duong, Sophia Nguyen, and Kayla Nguyen attend a socially distanced senior event on the school basketball court.

A Senior Year Stolen

Max Miracle, Editor-in-Chief February 13, 2021

They remember the last time they heard the school bell ring; the last time they stepped foot inside the building; the last time they lived in a world where prom and graduation were guaranteed. The Class...

Pandemic PJs

Pandemic PJs

Marcus Leary, Staff Writer February 13, 2021

On a normal school day, every morning is a fashion show as students enter the building wearing their favorite clothes; graphic tees, Supreme sweatshirts, and stylish shoes fill the halls. But now that...

Social (Life) Distancing

Social (Life) Distancing

Thomas Vu, Managing Editor February 13, 2021

This past fall, our bleachers stood empty on Friday nights, a grim, solemn reminder of the lively social opportunities that students nationwide have sacrificed as we face covid-19. As with every element...

New Cross Country Coach has Track Record of Success

New Cross Country Coach has Track Record of Success

Leo Miracle, Sports Editor February 13, 2021

The loud bang of a starter's pistol, the stampeding thuds of runners pushing to get to the front of the pack, the rip of a finish line ribbon: Head Track and Cross Country Coach Matthew Smith has been...

An FCPS employee prepares for socially distanced in-person school

Some Teachers Reluctant to Return

Erik Judy, News Editor February 13, 2021

Desks clumped together, students crowded in the doorway, sheets of paper passed back and forth across the classroom: the typical schoolroom is compact and alive with activity. Many teachers fear that upon...

Yearbooks from previous years included hundreds of photos taken on school grounds that are now nearly impossible to compile.

Yearbook Strives to Memorialize an Unprecedented Year

Victor Simionato, Staff Writer February 13, 2021

During the last few days of school, there’s an item you see buzzing around in almost every classroom—the yearbook. Students go from period to period, gathering signatures from friends and teachers...

The Solo They Didn’t Want

The Solo They Didn’t Want

Teena Do, Opinion Editor February 13, 2021

The choir sings in unison, hitting the highest notes they can and gulping down as much air as possible through “singers’ breaths.” Their voices radiate over the audience, but so do small droplets...

Thinking Outside the B(Ox)

Thinking Outside the B(Ox)

Nancy Nguyen, Staff Writer February 12, 2021

Lunar New Year, also known as Chinese or Vietnamese New Year, falls on Friday, Feb. 12, 2021. It welcomes the onset of the year of the Ox, but pandemic safety guidelines mean it will look different from...

The Legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr.

The Legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Qai Corsepius, Staff Writer January 18, 2021

Today we continue dreaming the same dream: the dream that everyone is equal, and not judged based on complexion. Martin Luther King, Jr. was one of many that showed this dream to America.  Jan. 18...

Pictured left to right: Robbie Potter (10), Jamie Perez (10), Liam Glavin (10), and William Salisbury (11)

Jaguars Put 2020 in Hindsight

Max Miracle, Editor-in-Chief January 3, 2021

The night of Dec. 31, 2019 was one filled with fireworks and joyous shouts—alive with parties celebrating the year past and marked by hope for the next. Here we stand 12 months later with 2020 in...

Teaching a Torn America

Teaching a Torn America

Max Miracle, Editor-in-Chief December 4, 2020

The question comes at the end of AP Government class, dominating the Google Meet screen: “The electoral college—what are our thoughts?” Behind their computers, students’ eyes light up as they type...

Under new VHSL guidelines, the referee will no longer raise the winners hand after a wrestling match.

Wrestling Team Struggles to Break Pandemic’s Grip

Leo Miracle, Sports Editor December 4, 2020

Sweat dribbles down onto the wrestling mat as athletes tussle in the school gym. Forget social distancing, a typical wrestling meet is a hub of close contact, and those hoping to compete in the sport this...

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