Dara Kearney: From Childhood Ensemble to High School Lead


Courtesy of Dara Kearney

Dara Kearney as Baby Bear in Shrek.

Dara Kearney (11), who played Roxie Hart in Chicago Teen Edition, has spent a lot of time on the Falls Church stage. Despite being only a junior, she is a veteran actor, having acted in more than five FCHS plays starting in fourth grade.

“My first Falls Church production was when I was in 4th grade and I played Gretl in the Sound of Music. Since then I’ve been in Shrek, a one act play called Will, The Invisible Man, You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown, Mamma Mia, and Chicago,” said Kearney.

Encouraged by her parents from a young age, it was inevitable that she would be the actress she is today.

“Both my parents did theater.  That’s how they met,” said Kearney.