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Chloe Brown as a Spectre, Juliana Esen as the Unicorn, Max Purtill as Tumnus, Collin White as Peter, Kate Schlageter- Prettyman as Susan, Ellie Whitfield as Edmund, Jimmy Benjamin as Aslan the Lion, and Ellie Child as Lucy.

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe Makes Magic

Ariel Lebow, Culture Editor June 16, 2023

The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, the classic novel, was C.S Lewis’s most popular work. The play adaptation was just taken on by our skillful FCHS theatre department. This wonderful production...

Why Watch Outer Banks?

Ashlin Valladares Orellana, Culture Assistant Editor June 16, 2023

Outer Banks is a pretty well-known show on Netflix. The first ever season came out April 15 of 2020. The most recent season began on February 23 of 2023, which was season 3. Outer Banks director Jonas...

Thomas Nguyen (9) and Mutazim Elmi (9) play online chess together during some downtime in class.

Online Chess Becomes Popular

Jackson Bergendahl, Opinion Assistant Editor June 16, 2023

Whether at home or in school, everybody is playing chess. In recent years, the chess community has experienced a massive surge in popularity, gaining millions of new members around the world. Up until...

The Super Mario Bros. Movie: Surprisingly Good

Rose Phipps, News Editor June 16, 2023

After years of anticipation, intrigue, and even some controversy, The Super Mario Bros. Movie was released in April 2023, quickly becoming a box office hit. After only a month of being released, the film...

Prom 2023: Disco Fever at Crescendo Studios

Marcus Leary, Editor-in-Chief June 16, 2023

On a rainy night in May, Falls Church put on its annual prom. The decor was glittery and matched the “Disco Fever” theme. Students arrived wearing sparkly dresses and colorful suits. Refreshments,...

Coloring is not just for kids. It can be a great way to relieve stress and relax your mind. You can make your own coloring pages as we did here by using Dall-E 2 or another AI art program. AI is controversial for art, but it works great for creating quick personalized coloring pages. Tell the AI what image you want to color and ask it to make it in the style of a coloring book. Get yourself some fine tip markers or colored pencils and enjoy the relaxation of doing a simple art project.

Tips to Help You De-Stress

Ashlin Valladares- Orellana, Culture Assistant Editor June 16, 2023

Do you ever feel stressed over something like homework or school work and just don’t know how to de-stress? Being stressed is a normal thing. Everyone has felt stressed at some point in their life. There...

Vietnamese Student Association- Deena Nguyen (11), Jodi Tay (12), Ryan Pham (12), Tiffany Tran (12), Vivian Hoang (12), Isla O’Neill (9), Kat Nguyen (10), Joshua Adviento (12), Vivian Tran (12), Tina Pham (12), Ris Dao (12), Madison Do (11).

Heritage Night Returns to Falls Church

Ariel Lebow, Culture Editor June 16, 2023

Heritage Night was recently celebrated at Falls Church after a five-year hiatus. After being canceled for Covid-19, the long-standing tradition is back.  FCHS Heritage Night is an event dedicated to...

More Than Just a Horse Movie: Secretariat

Ariel Lebow, Culture Editor June 13, 2023

When posed the question of which one movie gives me the most sentimentality and comfort, I will always respond without hesitation, Secretariat. This film is about one of the fastest horses that has ever...

Kearney in a bear costume

Dara Kearney: From Childhood Ensemble to High School Lead

Ariel Lebow, Culture Editor June 13, 2023

Dara Kearney (11), who played Roxie Hart in Chicago Teen Edition, has spent a lot of time on the Falls Church stage. Despite being only a junior, she is a veteran actor, having acted in more than five...

Cast of Chicago on stage

Chicago Teen Edition: Spotlight Theatre Show Dazzles

Ariel Lebow, Culture Editor June 13, 2023

The lights dim, the curtain opens, and the word Chicago appears in bright lights as the first musical number begins. This year the FCHS Spotlight Theatre Company put on the Teen Edition of Maurine Dallas...

The Owl House Delights

Rose Phipps, News Editor June 13, 2023

When I’m feeling down, one show that never fails to bring me comfort is The Owl House. The Owl House is about a teenage girl named Luz Noceda who finds herself transported into the Boiling Isles, a magical...

Cancelled Too Soon: Fans Want More Anne with an E

Ashlin Valladares, Culture Assistant Editor June 13, 2023

Anne with an E is one of those shows that should have never been canceled. Just so you know,  Anne with an E is a Canadian show. The first season came out in March of 2017, and then it ran for 2 more...

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