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Marcus Leary, News Editor April 21, 2022

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A new take, a new batman: The Batman Review

Jonathan Derrickson, Staff Writer April 21, 2022

As the lights dim, the screen illuminates, and the smell of buttery popcorn fills the movie theater, people eagerly wait to see a hyped-up movie. However, this caped crusader movie is different from the...

Affordable Fashion: No Cheap Cost to the Environment

Nancy Nguyen, Culture Editor December 17, 2021

Popular brands like Forever 21, H&M, and Zara are appealing to high school students because of their cheap price and trendy styles. But for many the cost of fast fashion to the environment is just...

Community Clues into Theatre Return

Community Clues into Theatre Return

Marcus Leary, News Editor December 9, 2021

The bright lights turn on; the music begins to play; the curtains open; and the first words are said to a live audience.  After two years of zero live performances, the theatre department, led...

Godzilla vs. Kong Struggles to Build Excitement, Dragged Down by Plot

Godzilla vs. Kong Struggles to Build Excitement, Dragged Down by Plot

Marcus Leary, Staff Writer May 19, 2021

The pandemic may be on the decline, but there are new monsters rampaging through movie theatres. Godzilla vs. Kong—the latest installment of the Monsterverse franchise—recently launched both in-theaters...

TikTok Tests Teens’ Mental Health

Yakob Beshir, Staff Writer May 19, 2021

The for-you page: a glamorous assortment of dances, jokes, and other content that social media platform TikTok has assembled to fit your exact needs. Endless scroll and seemingly infinite videos to watch...

Streaming Services Flick Theaters to the Curb

Marcus Leary, Staff Writer April 14, 2021

Movies have been an escape from reality since their invention. But like all things, in 2020, they got shut down. However, Warnermedia’s new plan for HBO Max could make theaters permanently obsolete.  Warnermedia...

Pandemic PJs

Pandemic PJs

Marcus Leary, Staff Writer February 13, 2021

On a normal school day, every morning is a fashion show as students enter the building wearing their favorite clothes; graphic tees, Supreme sweatshirts, and stylish shoes fill the halls. But now that...

The Solo They Didn’t Want

The Solo They Didn’t Want

Teena Do, Opinion Editor February 13, 2021

The choir sings in unison, hitting the highest notes they can and gulping down as much air as possible through “singers’ breaths.” Their voices radiate over the audience, but so do small droplets...

Thinking Outside the B(Ox)

Thinking Outside the B(Ox)

Nancy Nguyen, Staff Writer February 12, 2021

Lunar New Year, also known as Chinese or Vietnamese New Year, falls on Friday, Feb. 12, 2021. It welcomes the onset of the year of the Ox, but pandemic safety guidelines mean it will look different from...

Xboxed in by Pandemic, Students Turn to Video Games

Xboxed in by Pandemic, Students Turn to Video Games

Marcus Leary, Staff Writer December 2, 2020

When the pandemic threw the nation into lockdown, many students dealt with the uncertainty and isolation by donning a headset, flipping on their gaming console or computer, and joining an online server...

Fortnite’s weapons nerfed again — Here is the big update

Brendan Davis, Staff Writer June 10, 2018

Fortnite: Battle Royale, a majorly successful game made by a well known game company, Epic Games, just had a new update where some big adjustments have been set into motion in the popular game. Shotguns...

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