The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe Makes Magic

The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, the classic novel, was C.S Lewis’s most popular work. The play adaptation was just taken on by our skillful FCHS theatre department.

This wonderful production of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe was a magical performance which tapped into the deeper religious undertones from the book. The novel from which the play was adapted was written in 1950, and is about the journey of four siblings and their first adventure to the magical land of Narnia.

Watching Peter, Susan, Lucy, and the traitorous Edmund battling their way through saving Narnia, the audience was charmed by this fantastic show. The actors playing the four siblings showed a face so realistic that they had the chemistry of real siblings.

As the curtains dropped, a small intro began with the performance of the melancholic unicorn, played by Juliana Esen(9), and the anxious Mr. and Mrs. Beaver played by Luis Silva(12) and Vin Watts(10). The actors set a sad but hopeful tone as we shifted to the start of the play.

Quickly we are introduced to the main characters, the “sons of Adam and Eve” (what Narnians call humans) as they travel through their uncle’s mysterious wardrobe to be separated in the unfamiliar land called Narnia.

We find out where we are from the perspective of Lucy, as played by understudy Ellie Child (9), whose performance showcases the curious nature of Lucy, the first of the siblings to arrive in Narnia.

Lucy’s first encounter was with Tumnus, a kind but wary fawn portrayed by Max Purtill (10), who perfectly characterizes the nature of this conflicted character. Tumnus’s role of warning Lucy was very reluctant as he had been previously threatened by the frightening Fenris Ulf played by Lam Vu (11).

The crux of the show, the elusive but powerful lion, Aslan, played by Jimmy Benjamin (12), was given a great booming voice and presence reminiscent of the Neverending Story’s Wishing Dragon.

Skillfully portraying Lucy’s siblings, the responsible and brave Susan and Peter, are Kate Schlageter-Prettyman (10) and Collin White (11).

The children are continuously thwarted by the evil white witch that famously deceived Edmund with Turkish Delight candy, portrayed with an unmatched energy brought by Quinn Lopez (11).

Besides the main character, the production also featured a funny ensemble made up of the nasty bogs and specters as well as the kind elves and forest creatures. The ensemble was able to quip and show character through sly comments and funny silent actions during scenes.

The show was further elevated by the fantastic costuming, led by Costume Crew Chiefs Isabelle Paparella (9) and Liza Plis (10), and the gorgeous set design, under the leadership of Set Crew Chief Tiffanie Heng (10).

The show came to a close in a mighty win of good over evil, leaving the audience feeling exhilarated. Overall the FCHS Spotlight Theater cast and crew, with the help of their awesome director Elizabeth De Marco, were able to put on a magnificent show.

Max Purtill as Tumnus and Lam Vu as Fenris Ulf. (Courtesy of Harley Hopkins)


Quinn Lopez as the White Witch, Stephanie Mejia Ramos as the Dwarf, and Ellie Whitfield as Edmund. (Courtesy of Harley Hopkins)
Vin Watts as Mrs. Beaver, Luis Silva as Mr. Beaver, and Juliana Esen as the Unicorn. (Courtesy of Harley Hopkins)
Chloe Brown as a Spectre, Juliana Esen as the Unicorn, Max Purtill as Tumnus, Collin White as Peter, Kate Schlageter- Prettyman as Susan, Ellie Whitfield as Edmund, Jimmy Benjamin as Aslan the Lion, and Ellie Child as Lucy. (Courtesy of Harley Hopkins)