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The Last First Day

The Last First Day

Catherine Kane, Editor-in-Chief August 24, 2021
The Class of 2022 enjoyed the morning sunrise on the football field to ring in their senior year.
Top schools like Columbia University turned away more applicants this year than ever before.

Plummeting College Acceptance Rates Crush Seniors’ Dreams

Max Miracle, Editor-in-Chief May 19, 2021

Surrounded by anxious family members, an unopened application update in front of them, and their future seemingly on the line: the end of college admissions season is always an emotional rollercoaster...

76-year-old Xiao Zhen Xie fought off an attacker who struck her on the street.

Students and Staff Rally to Support Asian Americans

Nancy Nguyen, Staff Writer May 19, 2021

 An 84-year old grandfather kicked in the head while waiting for a bus; a 70-year old woman brutally attacked while walking down market street; a 61-year old man slashed in the face with a box cutter....

TikTok Tests Teens’ Mental Health

Yakob Beshir, Staff Writer May 19, 2021

The for-you page: a glamorous assortment of dances, jokes, and other content that social media platform TikTok has assembled to fit your exact needs. Endless scroll and seemingly infinite videos to watch...

Sports Captains Strive to Create Camaraderie

Erik Judy, News Editor May 19, 2021

As the team takes the field, they’re blinded by the glaring stadium lights and deafened by the roar of the crowd. Adrenaline and nervousness course through them. But leading them into their competition...

The Jaguars take the field against the Madison Warhawks on Feb. 22.

In-Person Football Games Kick Off Social Opportunities

Max Miracle, Editor-in-Chief April 14, 2021

The March cold is biting, the bleachers are wet, and the Jaguars are losing by 30 points. But the stands are still alive with enthusiasm as students celebrate one of the few vestiges of pre-pandemic life:...

Recent Immigrants Struggle to Adapt to Pandemic Schooling

Nancy Nguyen, Staff Writer April 14, 2021

Schools all over the U.S. have been closed since March 12th of last year due to the rising cases of covid-19. It has been a challenging year for students, teachers and parents to adjust to the new learning...

Behind the Wheel Instructor Brian Booth sits on the county training car. (Photo taken in 2019)

Behind the Wheel Shifts Back into Gear

Erik Judy, News Editor April 13, 2021

Orange traffic cones and “student driver” stickers have returned to the school parking lot. FCPS’ Behind the Wheel program—a driver’s license stepping stone—has resumed after a pandemic hiatus. With...

Seniors Christine Duong, Sophia Nguyen, and Kayla Nguyen attend a socially distanced senior event on the school basketball court.

A Senior Year Stolen

Max Miracle, Editor-in-Chief February 13, 2021

They remember the last time they heard the school bell ring; the last time they stepped foot inside the building; the last time they lived in a world where prom and graduation were guaranteed. The Class...

Social (Life) Distancing

Social (Life) Distancing

Thomas Vu, Managing Editor February 13, 2021

This past fall, our bleachers stood empty on Friday nights, a grim, solemn reminder of the lively social opportunities that students nationwide have sacrificed as we face covid-19. As with every element...

An FCPS employee prepares for socially distanced in-person school

Some Teachers Reluctant to Return

Erik Judy, News Editor February 13, 2021

Desks clumped together, students crowded in the doorway, sheets of paper passed back and forth across the classroom: the typical schoolroom is compact and alive with activity. Many teachers fear that upon...

Yearbooks from previous years included hundreds of photos taken on school grounds that are now nearly impossible to compile.

Yearbook Strives to Memorialize an Unprecedented Year

Victor Simionato, Staff Writer February 13, 2021

During the last few days of school, there’s an item you see buzzing around in almost every classroom—the yearbook. Students go from period to period, gathering signatures from friends and teachers...

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