Why Watch Outer Banks?

Outer Banks is a pretty well-known show on Netflix. The first ever season came out April 15 of 2020. The most recent season began on February 23 of 2023, which was season 3. Outer Banks director Jonas Pate did a really good job making this addicting show. They are currently working on season 4 since Netflix renewed OBX. Even though they still don’t have a release date for season 4, I feel like it will come out great, judging by the past seasons and the cliffhanger they left us with.

The show is based around two groups of people: the Pogues and the Kooks. The Pogues are teenagers that most of the time are in some type of adventure that often gets them in trouble. The Pogues spend most of the show together trying to find treasures. The Kooks, on the other hand, are people that are living on the better side of Outer Banks and the Kooks have more of the money and power than the Pogues. The Kooks don’t really get along with the Pogues; they usually are arguing with each other at parties and other nonsense. Sarah Cameron (a Kook) joined the Pogues during season 1 after running into John B after he fell off a bike and helping him find important documents and fix a scratch.

I honestly really liked watching Outer Banks and watching all the adventures the pogues went through. Even though sometimes their plans were dumb and had them get into some type of trouble, I feel like the Pogues were so misunderstood mainly because they are teenagers and were sometimes dealing with their own problems.