More Than Just a Horse Movie: Secretariat

When posed the question of which one movie gives me the most sentimentality and comfort, I will always respond without hesitation, Secretariat. This film is about one of the fastest horses that has ever lived and is based on a true story. The movie is about horse-owner Penny Tweedy (played by Diane Lane) and her goal of having her horse, Secretariat, win the triple crown. The triple crown is winning three different races on the biggest stages in the horse racing industry.

I have just about zero interest in horse racing as a sport. Whether you are a fan, or you believe that horse racing is morally reprehensible because of gambling or deep-rooted animal cruelty in the industry, or you could care less about horse racing, Secretariat is a sincerely heartwarming film for even the casual watcher.

The first half of the movie is riddled with anxiety and tragedy, but for me when I need an outlet for my emotions.  Secretariat helps me feel all of the emotions I have bottled up inside, comforting me though my own hardships and sadness. The events of this cinematic masterpiece seem to build no hope, making it so that you can recognize and sympathize with Penny Tweedy  whose belief in her horse knows no bounds. To save her father’s farm, Penny must enlist the help of her trainer, groomer, secretary, rider, and the big red horse they call Secretariat. Each one of the characters has a humanity to them that is not often present in movies.

The trainer Lucien (played by John Malkovich) is dedicated to his causes but has a spectacularly barbed tongue, always responding with comical retorts. There is also her groomer Eddie (played by Nelson Ellis) who is so faithful in his job and immensely kind. There is her father’s former secretary Ms. Ham (played by Margo Martindale) who is as lovely as she is supportive. Lastly, her jockey, Ronnie (played by Otto Thorwarth), is crazy and stubborn but extraordinarily talented. Beyond the fun-loving human cast, Secretariat is a sassy animal, showing off his unique personality.

While the main character fights through hardship, the movie Secretariat forces you to become deeply invested in the story. Despite being two hours long, the screen entraps your attention, causing the movie to pass by in a blur.

The movie Secretariat is a touching portrayal of an already beautiful story.  Secretariat has a special place in my heart. If you’re looking for something sweet, action-filled, and overall very fun to watch, Secretariat is a must watch. It will always be a film you can go back to, for not only nostalgia but also to sooth and cheer you up when you’re struggling.