Cancelled Too Soon: Fans Want More Anne with an E

Anne with an E is one of those shows that should have never been canceled. Just so you know,  Anne with an E is a Canadian show. The first season came out in March of 2017, and then it ran for 2 more seasons. It was supposed to extend for a few more seasons but then was canceled.  Anne with an E is a good comfort show because the show has so many characters that people can relate to. I honestly really think they should have kept it going so viewers wouldn’t have been left on a cliffhanger,  and so we could have found the answers to questions that still aren’t answered about some of our favorite characters.

This Netflix show was so well directed; the actors and the director did an amazing job creating it. You can tell that they worked really hard to make this show come true. They did such a good job connecting the show to the original book Anne of Green Gables. There are some differences between the show and the book (and the original movie version from 1985)  that may make people think they will dislike the show since they might like the original story better or they just simply  grew up with the original and that’s their reasoning for thinking the original one is better, but this new version stands on its own.

I loved seeing the main character, Anne, grow in the show and make new friends throughout the show. I loved seeing her talk to everyone like she has known them for years. For example, when she got picked up from the orphanage and kept talking to Matthew throughout the whole journey to her new home. I also loved to see her being brutally honest with everyone because sometimes it’s so funny. Anne is one of those characters people love because of how some people can relate to her and the stuff she said in the show.

Some fans are a little upset about the show being canceled and not being able to find out if the character Kakwet ever escaped from the terrible school she was sent to so she could be “teached.”  Instead of learning and having fun with an experience she wanted, she had such a horrible experience from going to the school. All we know is she escaped but later on in the season was found and forced to be sent back.  Fans also might want to know more about the main characters, Gilbert and Anne, and what happened during college and their life after college.

I honestly recommend Anne with an E to anyone that is currently bored at home looking for something to watch and  looking for  some recommendations. I also recommend it to anyone that has read the book or seen the original Anne of Green Gables movie. Anne with an E is one of those stories that makes you go on a roller coaster of emotions.