Beautiful tomorrow assembly recap


Students jumping up and down, screaming with excitement,and the music from the background giving it vibes like a real concert. This assembly was not just any ordinary assembly, this was an inspirational assembly for all the students to have the encouragement to never give up hope. 


“Beautiful Tomorrow” is an assembly where the musicial artist Humble Tip goes from school to school to perform a mini concert to students to talk about how you can be in a very bad position to then be one of the top students at your school. He talks about how positive and courageous you can be if you just believe in yourself and never give up your dreams. 


Humble Tip has made many songs and albums you can listen to. You can even hear the songs playing during the assembly. One of them was called “Fake Friends” which was a song about you knowing which friends are real to you and which ones are fake.Having fake friends is probably the worst thing you can have in and out of school. You don’t even know their fake until you realize the signs. If they start not being comfortable around you or just have hangouts without you or are asking you to pay for their stuff you know they are being fake. But with real friends you can have the best time ever and enjoy the moment.


This assembly was one of the or maybe the best assembly we had. A lot of students came to the auditorium from where it was being held. Students cheering and getting hyped with the rapper, recording and taking photos and posting their videos and pictures to their instagram or snapchat story. 


During this assembly Humble Tip told a story about a mannequin named Mark who didn’t have the best grades in his school, not having many friends and being depressed and overthinking. To then getting the best grades, making so many friends and being positive all the time. He graduated from Liberty University with two degrees. One of them being a Bachelor of Science in Health Promotion & the other one of Arts in Human Services with a specialization of Health and Wellness. This is Humble Tip’s story, but he was using Mark as an example. But it really got students listening and inspired because it was a true story that happened in his life. 


Near the end of the assembly Humble Tip asked four people to come up on stage to dance with him and four students got up there and started “swervn n curvn.” Two mascots, a tiger and a jaguar were also up there and started dancing with the four students. Everyone putting their phones high up recording and putting their flashlight on from their phones to make it feel like a real concert.


After the assembly was over Humble Tip told the crowd he was gonna be at all lunches to take photos and give away free hoodies, t-shirts and more. During my lunch Humble Tip was at the cafeteria taking photos like he said but the giveaway like the hoodies & t-shirts was not true. You had to sign up for a liberty university college card which you also enter a giveaway. When you sign up for the Liberty University college card you have a choice of getting a free pair of sunglasses or a college bag with the name Liberty University on it. Even though the free stuff never happened I got a pair of sunglasses and they were really cool. I really loved this assembly and if I had to rate it I’d give it a 10/10.