New Girl: Laughs, Romance, and Relatable Characters

New Girl is refreshing because the main character is a bubbly, giggly, and energetic girl. She moves into a loft with three guys and her journey begins there. 


How would you describe a roommate situation where there are three guys, and one girl?

You can only suspect that things aren’t typical. Well… You would be right. However rambunctious you would think this dynamic is… it is. There is also some inevitable loving, hating, and cooking, too! New Girl is a heartfelt show that doesn’t center around the ‘it’ girl. It is a binge-worthy show that keeps bringing you back time and time again. 


Jess, the bubbly teacher, who’s known for starting to sing when she wants, ends up catching her boyfriend cheating on her with another woman. In an effort to be independent from the man who wronged her, Jess decides to move into a loft with three seemingly normal guys. 


After the guys got to know Jess a little bit more they found her behavior a little peculiar but supported her with all her decisions. When living with the guys, Jess has a job as a teacher when she moves into the loft. She has a passion for children and encouraging them to keep striving, so the show follows her career as she becomes a vice principal.


As you would also expect, living with three boys isn’t all that easy. In addition to finding a career and friendships with the guys, Jess begins to fall in love with one of them. As she’s falling in love with her roommate, but Jess doesn’t have anyone to relate or rely on except her best friend Cece who keeps her comforted and keeps her contained and controlled.

New Girl is great comfort viewing because it offers the comedic relief you crave after a hard day. New Girl is a show that’s worth binging on your couch with a blanket when you are having a day to yourself, or if you just need a quick laugh with a random episode.  If you like humor and energetic, relatable characters, New Girl is for you.