Where Are Seniors Going to College?

Photo courtesy of quoteko.com

Photo courtesy of quoteko.com

Eileanora Clock, News Editor

As the school year draws to a close, underclassmen are planning our summers and counting the days until they begin. However, seniors are looking beyond the summer to their futures after high school. I caught up with six seniors and asked them a few questions about their futures.


  1. What was your favorite thing about Falls Church?

Scott Nguyen: I liked how welcoming and friendly everyone was.

Ariel Erazo: I liked how there is something for everyone.

Alex Gilmore: I liked the Criminal Justice Academy

Sreevatsa Gottada: I like the variety of courses offered; there was a lot to explore.

Mark Zubaly: Guitar class with Mr. Walker.

Richard Lam:    I like the diversity that we experience at Falls Church.


  1. Where are you going to college?

Scott Nguyen: Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA)

Ariel Erazo: UCLA

Alex Gilmore: Glenville State University

Sreevatsa Gottada: George Mason University

Mark Zubaly: NOVA for 2 years and then the College of William and Mary

Richard Lam: NOVA for 2 years and then George Mason University


  1. What are you planning on majoring in?

Scott Nguyen: IT Technician

Alex: Law Enforcement

Ariel Erazo: Undecided

Sreevatsa Gottada: Computer Science

Mark Zubaly: Undecided

Richard Lam: International Relations


  1. Do you have any advice for those of us staying at Falls Church?

Scott Nguyen: Study hard, you can relax when the test is over.

Alex: Don’t be a nerd.

Ariel Erazo: Watch Game of Thrones and make friends.

Sreevatsa Gottada: Do well academically so you can relax senior year.

Mark Zubaly: Just run.

Richard Lam: Be true to yourself.


These seniors are pretty lucky to be able to go to college, but if you don’t see yourself in college right after high school, a gap year is an incredible option for you. A gap year is typically defined as a year before going to college or University and after finishing high school.  There is so much that you can do with your gap year. One major thing that many people do is travel, sometimes overseas, sometimes just in America. There are many different programs you can partake in to organize and sponsor your trip abroad.  A gap year is a wonderful opportunity to expand your world experience.

Another really good way to spend your gap year is in the workforce. Doing an internship or a job in your field of interest before college can give you hands-on experience to which you can apply the knowledge you eventually learn in college. This could help you with applications to colleges and applications for future job opportunities.

One of the other ways a gap year can help you is by giving you valuable experience about life outside of school. You spend many years of your life as a student, so don’t miss out on gaining experience in the world around you. A gap year is a wonderful way to gain that experience.