The aftermath of hurricane Joaquin

Virginia dodges a bullet while the Carolina’s get hit hard

Nico Giraldo, Staff Writer

For the past week, news outlets were trying to predict the path of hurricane Joaquin but we now have confirmation that the Hurricane has headed out to sea. The storm was rated a category four (very dangerous) storm, reaching speeds of up to 150 mph. Though we are fortunate this storm never hit land the damage is still apparent.

The Carolina’s were hit the worst by the storm, experiencing winds and wide spread flooding. Raleigh, NC, received a record breaking 12 straight days of precipitation. The devastation can be seen everywhere from flooded neighborhoods to uprooted trees.  Though the water levels have gone down, the flooding is still dangerously high in South Carolina, where neighborhoods were being evacuated Sunday night. Down power lines left over 30,000 homes without power over the weekend. Grocery stores were cleaned out of nearly all their food and forced to close before the storm arrived. Many people took to social media to share images of the devastation.



In preparation for this incredibly unpredictable storm everyone was planning for the worst. New Jersey governor Chris Christie declared a state of emergency last Friday saying, “looking at the weather map it looks like we could have a repeat of sandy”. Last time the state was hit by a hurricane they were incredibly under prepared so governor Christie was not taking any chances this time and rightfully so.

Now that the storm has passed rescue efforts are already underway but the effects of the hurricane will be felt for many weeks to come.

Photos: Getty Images