Is There Anyone But Hillary?

William Rhodes, Feature Editor

On Tuesday night was the first Democratic Debate of the presidential campaign season. While it may seem too far in advance, the deadline to become a candidate looms near. This prompts many politician pundits to discuss if Joe Biden will ever enter the race. While this debate seemed to talk more about policy rather than attack others, there was only one winner, Hillary Clinton.

Mrs. Clinton has been vying for the Presidency for decades. The 2008 election seemed to be her chance, but Obama swooped in. This nomination now seems it is her’s to lose. The debate brought up many issues that are core to the younger generation of Americans. Such as gun control and college debt/costs. College affordability had been a tenement of Sanders’ campaign platform. He showed that he had a plan to help combat these costs through an increase in taxes. The discussion about this issue has gotten many young people on Bernie Sanders’ side. Due to the performance on Tuesday night’s debate, Hillary Clinton is not going to let them stay on his side.

The other three candidates on the stage, Martin O’Malley, Lincoln Chafee, and Jim Webb, were not close in performance to Sanders or Clinton. Since the beginning of the campaign all attention has been on Hillary Clinton. As Sanders gained support and momentum, the media seemed to still only focus on Clinton. While Sanders has the populist appeal, Hillary seems to have the experience to beat him in the debate setting.

Biden’s entrance into the campaign may never come after seeing Hillary Clinton’s strong performance on Tuesday night. Many think that Clinton assumes she can run right through the campaign without trying to win over people. This debate proves that Clinton is up for the fight against any and all.