Haunted Village Scares Anyone Who Dares


(Photo courtesy of Annandale Chamber of Commerce)

Nicole Haynes, News & Online Editor

This year many Falls Church students took part in the Haunted Village put on by the Annandale Chamber of Commerce. It was open the two weekends leading up to Halloween and Halloween weekend. In years past, our drama department has done a Haunted House, but this year having the Annandale Chamber of Com- merce put it on opened the door of possibili- ties even more. It was a big hit and drew a great crowd each night! The doors opened at six and as the night went on, the tours got scarier and gorier.

Throughout the Haunted Village there were multiple venues and places you visited, each with actors in full costume. There were ghosts, witches, zombies, ghouls and more all ready to scare you. Each time you turned a corner, you had to prepare yourself for someone to jump out at you. You entered into the pizza par- lor, which had two dead people eating disgust- ing, rotten food. Next at the barbershop there were decapitated people and human parts on a shelf.

There was a prison with a disturbed prisoner and creepy skeletons behind bars. When you got to the bank someone handed you money and you were told to deposit it. There was a box labeled “Ship to Transylvania” and when you went up to the banker the actor would jump out at you. This one was by far the most interactive and got you on your toes for the rest of the tours.

At the witches’ graveyard there were tombstone, fog, and dead bodies everywhere making a very eerie scene while a witch was stirring a pot of potions. The asylum had a giant, creepy spider with bloody tools everywhere. Next you got to “Deadskins” room that had rats in football formation and a skeleton in a Redskins jersey. Last there was the movie theater, which had skeletons watching horror movies and eating eyeballs out of a popcorn bag.

The Annandale Chamber of Commerce has been planning this since February and it has taken lots of help to bring it to life. Mr. Coulter is a director at Annandale Chamber of Commerce and recruited all the FC students that helped out. He loves how fun and exciting the Haunted Village was and said, “It’s ghoulish, creepy, and fun.”

Prin Kulwatno (12), who was a ghost, said, “The best part was working with people, using teamwork, and helping setting up. It was also really fun interacting with the people who came.”

Senior Nathan Campbell, who took the visitors around, said his favorite part was scar- ing the kids.

Ly Do (12), who was a ghoul, said, “It was really fun and I learned how to use team- work and how to scare kids.”

The Haunted Village this year was an amazingly gory and scary production put on by a very hard working staff. It was extremely suc- cessful and Mr. Coulter says he can’t wait for the one next year.