FCHS Student Parking Lot Sign Needs a Little Love


(Photo courtesy of Nico Geraldo)

William Rhodes, Feature Editor

You probably haven’t noticed, but we have a school sign by the parking lot. It is a small sign inscribed with our school name next to the entrance of the student parking lot. This sign was given to Falls Church High School as the gift of the Class of 2002. It is a gray stone with our school name and Jaguar sticking out of it on the left side.  The sign is surrounded by plants and shrubs, and is underneath a large tree. It is hard to see, but maybe something should be done about it.

The sign that most people notice outside of our school is the relatively new electric one closer to the main entrance. That one projects many important announcements and messages to the Falls Church community. This sign is more understated, but proudly displays Falls Church’s immense school spirit.

Throughout the years students have tried to do many school beautification projects. The majority of such have focused on trying to make the school courtyards more presentable, which in return makes it easier for students and faculty to use them. This sign could use one of those beautification projects. We should respect the class gift by bringing it back to its former glory.

Most of Fairfax County knows that Falls Church is one of the most school-spirited high schools in the county. By cleaning up this school sign and the surrounding area, it will help add another aspect to our enthusiasm for out school. Walking into the football stadium everyone sees the face of the jaguar painted on the half wall between the basketball courts and walkway. If the school sign is cleaned up then everyone will see the sign as they drive into the school parking lot.

This sign would not take much effort to help people notice it. The sign itself just needs to be cleaned. There are already plants around it, so it just needs some attention.  Seniors, perhaps organizing a clean-up project for this stone would help you complete your required hours of volunteering?