Safety for the Animals

Jasmyne Singleton, staff Writer

Recently a coyote was spotted, in Pembroke, New Hampshire, with a jar stuck on his head. Before the locals could help pull it off, the animal had ran away. A spokesperson from the New Hampshire Fish and Game said they didn’t know how or when the coyote had gotten it stuck, but it is said that he ran off into the woods when approached with help. The coyote isn’t the first incident, just last Friday, a man had went out to buy a dog and then immediately went and died it purple. Another thing, following up the dog incidents, in late 2011, 3 pitbulls were dragged up behind a car, while it was moving.

Another incident, 34 pet cats died from a fire in a shed in New York. Nobody knows how the fire started or who the owners of the cats are, but they are bent on finding out. Other terrible incidents are how, in Arkansas, dozens of dogs were not only poisoned, but shot as well. How, a woman was charged for posting a picture of her dog, with his mouth physically taped shut. Also, before in 2010-2012, cats were being forced into microwaves and were cooked.

This is starting to become an occurring issue that our future candidates are fighting for.  The occurring animal abuse issue. Recently, a lot of people, in the government, are working hard in creating more laws to support this claim. All of the 50 states in America have already passed smaller and singular laws, but now its time to make a huge law for this whole country.  If the citizens of the United States show others that they are fine and working properly around the laws then it will force others to see the errors in their ways of hurting the poor animals.