Super Tuesday Widens Trump’s Lead

Nicole Haynes, News & Opinion Editor

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This week we had Super Tuesday, where more delegates were up for grabs than any other day of the primary season. Super Tuesday started in 1988 and since then it has had a major effect on the presidential nominations. In fact, seven of the past Super Tuesday winners ended up getting the party nomination. This is extremely scary considering Donald Trump won seven of the eleven states voting that day, including Virginia. Seeing a racist, arrogant businessman being the leading Republican nominee was bad enough, but then seeing my home state vote for him made things sting. Looking at a more in depth map of the election in Virginia, the northern (and more educated) part of Virginia did not vote for him heavily, but rural Virginia overwhelming did.

The only thing impressive about Trump is that people are still voting for him after thing all he has said and done. Being childish and calling people names, making fun of a reporter for his physical condition, saying Mexicans aren’t good people, saying here should be no Muslims in America, and saying John McCain isn’t a war hero are just a few examples of what he has said that have somehow only attracted voters.

The most reason people say they support Trump is because of his success in business. I too thought he was at least a smart businessman, but that isn’t even true. He considers himself worth 10 billion dollars, but Forbes says he is worth 4 billion dollars. To most people that is still an impressive amount, but it’s not the amount that’s important, it’s the fact he feels the need to lie to make himself feel better. If elected president, he can’t lie about America’s condition to foreign countries or we will be called out as liars. Still, this didn’t completely disprove that he isn’t a smart businessman. However, many of Trump’s business plans have “failed” for a lack of a better term. You never see Trump Vodka, Trump Airlines, Trump Mortgage, Trump: The Game, and lastly, Trump Casinos that led him to three of his four bankruptcies. Of course every businessman is going to have a few ideas that fall apart, but the idea that everything Trump has touched turned to gold is plain false. This notion that “If he runs this country like he does his business, we will all be better off,” is extremely false.

You are either a strong supporter of Trump who thinks he will “Make America Great Again” or you think he is a childish racist who has no business running for president. On either side, there is a passionate fight and hopefully the non-prejudice, sane side wins for everyone’s sake.