Accepting All Love

Jasmyne Singleton, Staff Writer

Recently, a McDonald’s ad in Taiwan has been growing on there viewing list. Over 3 million views on YouTube has gone to this certain ad. The ad is about a son and a father sitting at a McDonald’s booth when the father reads a message on his cup, written by the son explaining how he likes boys. The father, it seems, gets up angrily and storms off leaving the son in a sulking manor, only to come back with a cup of his own and giving the son a cup of his own. On the son’s cup was the dad responding to the comment saying “I accept that you like boys”. The reason that this has gone viral was because of the calming message its sending to everyone, showing them that its fine to come out and show your love.

Just because in the United States all fifty states are or have legalized LGBT marriage does not mean that  any of the other countries have legalized it. This is also another reason why so many people liked this video. Because it shows the support of Taiwan and other neighboring countries with this sensitive topic. The creator of this video had tweeted out no sooner after it came out “It matters not who you love, where you love, why you love, when you love or how you love, it matters only that you love.” He said that he wanted to set a god example for all of those who are too shy and scared to do it on their own.

There have been popular ways to coming out to a friend, family member, or anyone important to you. In February 26 this year, a guy started singing “I’m Coming Out” by Diana Ross at a local high school. Another reason, and this is just a very common suggestion, but someone could go hiking with a group of friends and actually scream out that they are apart of the LGBT community.

When coming out, you shouldn’t shy away from this opportunity. Once you talk yourself out of it, your going to keep doing it every chance you get. Your being backed up 100% from every body, and no matter what you won’t be treated any different than you’re being treated now. Just know that family and friends love and support every desicion that a person makes, therefore that should give you t the confidence to go about your day. Giving you the confidence to tell everyone. Trust yourself to make the correct decision, because you don’t want to live a lie. Be true to yourself, always and forever.