How did March Madness really come up?

It all began in 1939. The NCAA established a men’s college basketball tournament. After the first year, the NCAA took over. It was known then as the Final Four. The tournament would then be noticed as “March Madness.”. The term was adopted at the college level in 1982 when CBS sportscaster Brent Musburger used it in a broadcast. Over time, the numbers grew until it became the spotlight of the college basketball world that it is today.

The tournament is made up of 64 teams, technically 68, but four teams that have a play in game and it’s played one and done style. The teams are 1 through 16 and sorted into four regions. Each round the numbers shrink, going from 64 to 32 to the Sweet 16 round followed by the Elite Eight. The Elite Eight determines the winners in each region. Those winners face off in the Final Four until there’s only one team left standing after the championship.

March Madness isn’t enjoyed only from the stands. Participating in a pool has become a sport that many people target as a jackpot for money or pride. Plenty of people fill out a bracket each year with their projections of which team will win each round. They’re playing for pride and, in some cases, a big prize. That “big prize” could be money or maybe even new merchandise! Everything ranges, it just depends what you want or what your group wants to put in.

Personally, March Madness is my favorite time of the year. All the upsets in the tournament, the school spirit, and then the bitter sweet moment of seeing the champions crowned. It’s a great experience for the players and the fans watching the games. It’s everyone’s goal to make it to March Madness and win it. Not everyone can achieve this, but if they do, what a wonderful experience.