The World Reacts to Recent Bombings in Brussels

Danny May, Staff Writer

Last Tuesday on March 22nd, bombs went off in an airport and a metro station in Brussels killing at least 35 and injuring at least 340. Both attacks were coordinated, and it has been confirmed that ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attacks. In addition, surveillance footage was recovered from the sites revealing three suspects at the airport and one suspect at the metro. At the airport, 2 of the 3 suspects were killed in the blast and identified. At the metro, the one suspect was also killed in the blast. However, authorities still have not been able to identify the bomber who had left the airport scene.


The attacks occurred just before 8 a.m. Brussels time, when the explosions destroyed the departure hall followed by a second explosion near the end of the terminal at the airport. Roughly an hour later, the second attack took place at the metro station ripping open a metal subway car.


Following these attacks, Belgium had raised its terror threat to the highest level and police conducted many raids across Brussels. A taxi driver had reported that he drove three men with large bags to the airport that day, and informed the police of their address. The police then investigated the address, discovering explosives and bomb making materials inside. Further investigations have linked these recent attacks to the Paris attacks that took place last November.


Many western European countries have begun to step up their security around public places in response to these recent occurrences. In France, hundreds of extra police officers were deployed around train stations and airports. Britain took similar precautions, and their terrorist threat level remains at the second to highest on a five point scale. German law enforcement activity also increased significantly around airports, train stations, and the borders into the surrounding countries.


Many American political leaders spoke out on the issue. President Barack Obama stated that the U.S. will do whatever is necessary to support Belgium. These recent attacks have also caused heightened security in major cities in the United States as well as western European countries. Airports, train stations, and other places where many people are gathered are among the most common places where security has been tightened.


The world mourns those lost in Brussels and world leaders will continue to work toward a solution that will bring an end to these horrific attacks of terror.