What’s with LeBron James?

Numaan Qureshi, Staff Writer

LeBron and the Cavaliers have struggled all year and have a soap opera like season. It all began when head coach David Blatt was fired from a 30-11 start. LeBron also showed disrespect through last year with comments and even pushed him once when they played the suns last year. Much of that disrespect did not change and a move had to be made. It was a shock for most fans but most people knew that LeBron for whatever reason wasn’t feeling him. LeBron has been the unannounced general manager for most of the year, facilitating in trades and work in the offseason. Tyronn Lue was next in line and so far the Cavs have done worst without Blatt. The flagrant disrespect began again and it’s not looking good for the Cavs chances this year and the future of the organization.

In a game against Houston where we saw LeBron sit out and rest, he was trying to coach and completely belittled Tyronn Lue. LeBron demands attention, from him unfollowing the Cavs on Twitter and to starting rumors with him playing Dwyane Wade in Miami again. Instead of trying to ignore all this drama like Blatt, Tyronn Lue told LeBron to cut the antics and focus on basketball, probably the only coach with the guts to get in his face and call him out. That seemed to light a fire under James as he has dominated in the past 7 games and they’ve been 6-1 since. No more rumor has been swirling around as of late either, he’s kept to himself and the team and let it all out against his opponents. Right when things looked bad for the Cavs, LeBron is just one of those special players who can just flip a switch and carry the team in big wins.

It does look not like a two team race anymore between the Warriors and Spurs, the Cavs look to enter the equation right around playoff time.

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Jason Miller
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