Kobe Bryant’s NBA Career Comes To An End

Danny May, Staff Writer

Tomorrow, Wednesday the 13th, a historical professional basketball game will take place between the Lakers and the Warriors. If the Warriors win tomorrow, they will have the best record in NBA history which would be 73 and 9. In addition, it is also noted to be Kobe Bryant’s last game of his career spanning 20 years. These factors end up making this game the season’s top priced tickets. StubHub reported an average of $997 a ticket to get to see this memorable game. When Bryant confirmed early in the season that this would be his last game, ticket prices immediately soared because fans knew that this would be a game to remember.


For fans of Kobe Bryant, tomorrow’s game is sure to be an emotional one. Many fans have been watching him play from when his NBA career was just getting started in his late teenage years. The game tomorrow night will have presentations and other ways of honoring his many seasons with the Lakers.


Kobe Bryant is a player that truly plays the game for the game itself. He enjoys the extra things that come with being a professional basketball player, but he never lets himself lose focus of what is important. He was just a teenager when he signed to the Lakers, 17 years old to be exact, and he has come a long way since then. He is even known as being the first guard to ever be taken right out of high school. He pushed the Lakers to improve, and with the help of Shaquille O’neil, he lead the team to three consecutive championships in the early 2000’s. He modeled his playing style after Michael Jordan, and is well known for his famous “jab step-and-pause” move on the court.


Currently, he doesn’t plan on coaching or becoming a general manager, and many are wondering what he will do after his career comes to an end tomorrow. The media will most likely play a major role in Kobe Bryant’s life after the NBA. Taking part in documentaries and other media forms is a common thing for many retired professional sports players who may not be interested in coaching at their time of retirement.


His career had its ups and downs, but Kobe will go out as a legendary basketball player, and a player that the NBA will never forget.