Kasich and Cruz Suspend Campaigns

Danny May, Staff Writer

Last Tuesday and Wednesday, both John Kasich and Ted Cruz dropped out of the presidential race. This is a result of both candidates coming in with significantly less votes than Trump in the Indiana primary. This leaves Donald Trump as the only remaining candidate for the republican party.


Ted Cruz dropped out of the race on Tuesday, after raising roughly $141.87 million for his campaign. Mr. Cruz earned about 36.7% of the votes in the Indiana primary, very far behind Trump who had 53.3% of the votes. Cruz had 565 delegates at his time of dropping out. Just before he dropped out, he named Carly Fiorina as his running mate, which was not a very strong decision to make since he was very far from getting the republican nomination.


John Kasich suspended his campaign on Wednesday, after raising about $29.23 million to support his cause. Mr. Kasich got only 7.5% of the votes in the Indiana primary, further confirming that he had a very narrow chance at becoming the Republican nominee. During debates and other public appearances, Kasich tended to remain in the background. However, he was also sometimes considered to be the “adult” of the Republican candidates. He only ended up winning one state which was his home state of Ohio. Kasich had 153 total delegates at the time when he suspended his campaign.


This quick turn of events seemed destined to lead to an interesting convention this coming summer. Mr. Cruz dropped out earlier than he had initially planned, as he wanted to stay in until June 7th. The earlier than planned dropout was likely due to Mr. Cruz’s mistakes in the last few weeks. He went to extreme lengths to attack other candidates, calling Mr. Trump a “pathological liar” in a press conference.


Last fall, many thought that the idea of Trump making it this far was impossible, but now he is the only option for the Republican party. As many voters feared, the election is likely to come down to Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump. For many high school students this is a tough first election to cast our votes. So many of the candidates are either untrustworthy and/or very extreme with their viewpoints.