Beckham Norman Rivalry

Alex Bruning, Staff Writer

The NFL is filled with competitive games and fierce rivalries. One of the up and coming rivalries is the one between Odell Beckham Jr and Josh Norman. Josh Norman is a Corner back that plays on the Washington Redskins while Odell Beckham Jr is a wide receiver that plays on the New York Giants. .Back in the 2015-2016 NFL season Beckham and Norman played in different conferences, because at that time Norman was with the Carolina Panthers, meaning they were only able to play one game. That game however did not disappoint as both players conflicted throughout the game obtaining numerous flags and penalties. The first half of the game was mostly dominated by Norman, however Beckham came alive in the second half scoring a touchdown and gaining a lot of yards. The victor between Beckham and Norman was still too close to tell and fans would have to wait for a part two. This game went down in the record books and many were sad to see it leave.

Part Two between Beckham and Norman came a lot quicker then fans thought when this offseason Norman signed a monster contract with his new current team, the Washington Redskins. This meant that Beckham and Norman were now in the same conference allowing them to matchup twice a season. The first game of this saga was this past Sunday, September 25. This game was filled with action once again but in a different way. Unlike the last matchup where the two players combined for five penalties against each other, this time they only had one penalty between them. Beckham in this game could be considered a slight winner as he was able to gain 121 yards on 7 receptions. On the other side of the coin however, Norman and the Redskins still came out as the winner in a close 29-27 win despite Beckhams’ best efforts. Beckhams emotions were definitely shown this game when he punched a net and the net actually game back and hit him in the eye causing some slight bruising.

The rivalry between the two up and coming stars is a young one and fans can be sure that many more interesting games are soon to come, as the next game will be taking place on January 1. This game is going to be a big one as it is the last regular season game and could decide which teams make the playoffs as both teams are viable contenders.