Donald Trump’s Tax Issues

Joe Mack, Staff Writer

If I have learned anything from this election, it’s that Donald Trump is no stranger to controversial statements. From the very beginning of his campaign, he has called Mexican Immigrants “criminals and rapists”, announced that a major policy point of his was to make a wall along the southern United States border (and make Mexico pay for it), and most recently calling former Venezuelan Miss Universe winner, Alicia Machado, “Miss Housekeeping” and “Miss Piggy”.  All three of these comments would be political suicide for a normal candidate, but Donald Trump is the exception. He not only has seemingly no remorse for these comments, but he also defends them daily. His ego allows him to never be wrong, which means he doesn’t need to apologize for past actions- a common trait that serial killers possess.

Interestingly enough, the newest story concerning Donald Trump is the prospect of him not paying all of his taxes. This idea first came to light once Hilary Clinton brought it up in the first Presidential debate. She questioned Donald on why he was the first candidate in many years to not release his tax returns. She came up with a number of reasons why Trump might not want to release them, including his net worth might not be as big as he says it is, and that he might not even pay taxes at all- to which Donald brilliantly stated that not paying taxes would make him “smart”. These concerns of tax evasion has only grown larger since the debate, and even Trump’s buddies Rudy Giuliani and Chris Christi have said that if he hadn’t been paying his taxes, that would make him a “genius”.

Now, if not paying taxes makes you a genius, then Al Capone, Abby Lee Miller (of Dance Moms), and every other fool who has been locked up in Federal prison for tax evasion, would practically be on the same level as Albert Einstein, Stephan Hawking, and Tesla. The point that I’m trying to make is that I find it disgusting that a man could be so proud of his wrong doings to call himself both “smart” and “a genius”, for doing what the average Joe would be imprisoned for. Similar to Hillary’s email scandal, it’s just another instance of a person of power not being accountable for their actions, and avoiding what people of lower rank have faced extreme jail-time for.

So congratulations America, what we have to choose from to be our commander in chief include: a lady who has undergone FBI investigations routinely, and a man who’s legacy may be as the biggest bigot in the history of our country. The choice is yours.