D.C. United Win Over NYC FC

Bruno Puebla, Staff Writer

Last Monday was a great game for home team D.C. United, not so much for away team NYC FC. The game was played on a beautiful sunny afternoon, at the home stadium RFK stadium.

The game started with a great try at goal by United, crossed in by Sam (8) picked up by Nyarko (12) and headed it to Mullins (16), which ended in a shot that was just wide. But that wasn’t the end of it, NYC, stroke back with a nail biting attack. Started by ex Manchester City player David Villa (7), and shot by left winger Harrison (11).

The game quickly switched sides by United putting one behind the net by a clever play by Nyarko (12), letting the ball roll by under him beating the last defender leaving Mullins (16) to score the first goal of the afternoon. Only four minutes later United took a corner that got headed in by Boswell (32). The score so far is 2-0 United leading.

NYC defender Iraola (51) making a huge defending mistake pass towards the goalie, being intercepted by Mullins (United 16), making a pass towards Vincent (26) making the score 3-0.

The game wasn’t all over for NYC, having a new found drive to make this game a win. NYC responding  many times with good tries leading up to a penalty against United. The penalty was taken by well experienced David Villa (7). Unfortunately NYC couldn’t find another goal in the game.

D.C. United ended the game with a clinch to the playoffs, although it was a fair game, there was some controversy over the late penalty, some saying it was a flop, others a poorly timed tackle. What do you think? Comment down below.