The Officers Plan for the Future of the SCA

By Joseph Kratz, Staff Writer

                                                                                                                          While the new President-Elect of the
United States is now making preparations for
his new administration, we have our own new
elected officials at Falls Church High School.
At the beginning of the year we all cast ballots
for our own class governments, but many
don’t know what actually goes on, nor do they
know what the plans are for the remainder of
the year.
Natalie Ingalls (9) is the freshmen
class president, and the vice president is Rebecca
“Annie” Stamp (9). The treasurer                                                                                                                                                 is Tate Wroblewski (9) and the secretary is Samaria
Dellorso (9). One question that lingers
after SCA elections is “What powers do the class
officers actually have?” Natalie quickly answered,
saying, “The student council has some power over
things concerning freshmen only, but not schoolwide
functions. If something in the school stinks,
we can’t always change it, but [we] will try our
hardest for topics concerning us.”
When asked what her job actually entails
as secretary, Samaria replied, “Honestly, we
work together when working on projects.” Annie                                                                                                                 backed that up saying, “Well, all of the positions
work together on most of our projects, with everyone
doing similar jobs.”
The biggest ideas they expressed included
plans to attempt building partnerships with corporations
and organizations to both educate students,
but to also allow for better fundraising. They also
plan on utilizing social media to make announcements,
but also to receive public feedback and
comments. They can be found on Twitter @fallschurch2020
and on Instagram @fallschurchhs2020.
The sophomore class president and vice
president are Stephanie Murphy (10) and Abigail
Gagermeier (10). Conley Ku (10) is secretary and
Jia Williams (10) is the treasurer for the Class of
They also immediately cleared up any misunderstandings
about how much power the student
government actually wields, explaining that
the majority of their power is over fundraisers, as
well as acting as the voice of the student population.
They also expressed that they “will continue
to explore options for fundraising to achieve the
goal of having an outstanding and memorable prom
and graduation events, at a great venue,” Stephanie
and Abigail explained in a joint statement. Just like
the freshman they plan on using social media as
much as possible to incorporate as many ideas as
possible, in addition to planned suggestion boxes
for student ideas. They can be found on Twitter                                                                                                                           @fchs2019 or through email at [email protected].