What Can Be Done to Improve the Girls’ Bathrooms?

By Rachel Opoku, Staff Writer

The girls’ bathroom is a topic commonly spoken of in Falls Church High School. Many complain that the bathrooms are too crowded because there are many girls trying to move around in such limited space. Some people even suggest that we should add more mirrors in the bathrooms, because girls often take time making sure they look good for the day, and too many people at one mirror blocks other people’s view. Even though there are many bathrooms in the school, all of the girls’ bathrooms are still crowded because of that issue. Many girls often decide to go to another bathroom because the first one they check is usually too crowded. Adding more mirrors will help the girls’ bathrooms, so there’s not that much complaining about the mirrors. Unfortunately, that’s not the only issue that’s present in the women’s restrooms. Another unsolved issue is the amount of bathroom stalls available in some
bathrooms. Besides the bathrooms being crowded, there are sometimes lines that are formed in the restrooms due to the amount of stalls that are out of order. Restrooms and their proper maintenance can seem like a small issue, but since our school has a growing population, the restrooms are likely to continue to be over-populated. Additionally, other bathroom complications include the cleanliness in the restrooms. Unfortunately, there are some people that feel as if they are too claustrophobic in the restrooms causing them to populate the bathrooms with trash. Sometimes there are leftover trash items, which include dirty paper towels, thrown away cafeteria food, first aid items, and more. With the excessive amount of trash on the floor and in the stalls, a lot of germs can be produced over time. In conclusion, there are many unresolved issues in many of the women’s restrooms that can be easily prevented. We all can reduce the amount of excessive germs that can be easily caused in the restrooms by taking simple precautions. We can reduce crowdedness by waiting to enter the restrooms after a few people leave. Instead of walking in an already crowded bathroom, it’s always best to find another bathroom that fewer people are in. A clean and unpopulated restroom is a better environment for us to be in!