The FCHS Class that Could Make You Rich

By Adam Bihi , Staff Writer

You have probably heard of the Economics and Personal Finance classes here at Falls Church High School. They teach students how to use their finances in the future, but it doesn’t get a lot of attention around here.  The 2016-2017 Course Catalog recognizes Econ and personal finance classes “as ways to prepare students to function effectively as consumers, savers, investors, entrepreneurs, and active citizens, students learn how economics and markets operate and how the United States economy is interconnected with the global economy, it will teach students that their own knowledge and skills are their most valuable resources.”  As of 2011, it is required for students to take 1 year of Econ in order to complete the graduation requirements. Chandi Kanhai (9) is an Econ and Personal Finance student.  He says, “You learn a lot of stuff in real life and the teacher gives you his own life experiences so you don’t mess up and even though we’re still in the second quarter, I feel like we’ve learned a lot about what it’s like to have a job, taking care of yourself and your finances, and managing your budget.” Ethan Ton (9) shares his thoughts about Econ by saying, “Honestly I think Econ is a relevant class because I can learn a lot about it and it’s useful for people to learn about how to manage their finances in the future.  I recommend people should take it either junior year, senior year, or online over the summer because you’re going to take it anyway at least once during high school.” Taking Econ and Personal Finance could seem very intriguing to colleges and universities, as they look for students who have a general understanding of how to manage their finances. You can also come to find an appreciation of having to do your taxes, mortgages or managing your 401k. Personal Finance classes can also give you an advantage in the world of the stock market, which can earn you a lot of money. So the next time you think about how you want to have a lot of money, I recommend that you take Econ and Personal Finance Classes.