Fun Activities to Enjoy During Winter

By Bruno Puebla, Staff Writer

As most of the students at Falls Church High School begin to say goodbye to most of the enjoyable outdoor activities of summer and fall, many of us begin to question if the snow days are the only really good thing about the winter time. But what most students don’t know is that the winter time can have its fun times just as much as the other seasons. Winter has one great thing none of the other seasons have… its really cold quality!  There are many great things that can be done with ice; one thing that stands out is the ice skating. The famous Georgetown ice skating rink opens every November and closes in March. Located on the Waterfront in Georgetown, Washington D.C., the ice skating rink is actually on top of what is a water shooter throughout the year, but during the cold winter time, it turns into an amazing ice skating rink! And if you think you’d like to spend the day there, there are restaurants that surround the rink with an abundance of different food choices. But let’s say that the rink is a little too far away, another great thing to enjoy is the snow. It’s a great option especially if you have any younger siblings that want to go outside and play. Taking your brother or sister outside is a great excuse to enjoy the snow yourself, by playing in the snow by throwing snowballs or sledding down a hill. Then perhaps end the day by drinking something warm like hot chocolate, or your favorite drink from Starbucks. What if you’re more into sports? It’s true that the snow does ruin any outdoor sports enjoyment. Luckily indoor facilities are open to the public to play most of the outdoor sports. Great places to look into are places like Kid’s Choice, located in Annandale. It’s a great place to play soccer with friends. Graham Road Rec Center also has a great gym that can be used to play basketball with friends. Many people will call the winter time a bad time of year because there’s nothing fun or exciting thing to do. On the contrary, the winter season may ruin some of our favorite activities, but it does bring new alternative activities such as ice skating, snowball fights, sledding, and indoor sports facilities. So go out there and enjoy it!