Jaguars Put 2020 in Hindsight


Pictured left to right: Robbie Potter (10), Jamie Perez (10), Liam Glavin (10), and William Salisbury (11)

Max Miracle, Editor-in-Chief

The night of Dec. 31, 2019 was one filled with fireworks and joyous shouts—alive with parties celebrating the year past and marked by hope for the next.

Here we stand 12 months later with 2020 in the rearview. It’s been a year defined by gut-wrenching tragedy, disrupted dreams, and bitter divisions. Many Jaguars are eager to flip the page. “Kobe died, the pandemic hit us hard, and I haven’t been in the school since March,” said Joel Haas (12). “I’m ready for the country to bounce back.”

But even in its final hours, 2020 still managed to upend life as normal. “My family usually celebrates New Years at the beach,” said Jamie Perez (10). “Not this year.”

And, while some students are pessimistic about what 2021 might bring—“I hope for the best on things like vaccines and mask wearing, but I don’t think it’ll happen,” said Julian Scott (11)—others express optimism. “2020 was rock bottom,” said Rachel Hirz (12). “There’s nowhere to go but up.”