Technology is Taking Over Literature

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Jagwire Staff

With everything available at the slightest touch of a button, it is no wonder why the internet has become a necessity for many. Everything is online; there is almost nothing that a quick Google search could not reveal. However, while the internet is a useful tool, digital resources are becoming more common than printed versions. Important news stories are read from an iPhone instead of a newspaper. E-Books have become a favored alternative to books. Technology has taken over literature, and it is not stopping any time soon.

The physicality of a paper and ink book is something to be appreciated. We take for granted the ability to pick up a book and take it with us on car rides, airplanes, vacations, at uneventful sports games, or even as a backup plan for a family get together. Paper books do not have to be charged; they do not come with a glare. Unfortunately, digital reading is trending while real books are being tossed aside. Pretty soon reading real books will be seen as “vintage”.

People say that E-Books are useful because of their convenience, but how convenient is a $200 Kindle Fire? They are yet another superfluous profit manufacturer which the media has convinced people they need. Technology has taken over almost all aspects of life, and now once-treasured books are being lost because there is a “better” alternative. The constant yearning we have to want to improve our lives has gone too far. We are trying to upgrade techniques that have already been perfected. Books for example, need no enhancement. They have been around for over five centuries, and in that time, they have never failed us.

The beauty of a printed book is being lost in the tedious scrolling of a PDF file. You cannot dog-ear a page of a Kindle; it would break. These devices are less satisfying than reading paper book. Electronic books are only hopeful wannabes, trying to outdo what has already been proven superior.