How Do You Think The School Year Went?

(Photo by Ream Amir)

(Photo by Ream Amir)

Ream Amir, Staff Writer

Yes, the time has come that we’ve all been waiting for; it’s almost the end of the year. It may have passed by really quickly for some people, or it may have felt like it’s been a long time. It also may have been a good time for you, or maybe it just wasn’t your year. Either way, everyone has a different opinion on how they think this school year went, and what better way to know some of those opinions than by asking our fellow FCHS teachers and staff how they liked it and their thoughts on the school year of 2014-2015.

“I think it was a good year. The students were wonderful and worked very hard. Every year our school keeps growing which is great. It was also fun to work with other teachers and we have a great principal. The snow made it a little hard and complicated, but other than that I think we finished the year strong.” Ms. Marcos, Spanish teacher

“I had some awesome students to work with this year. My honors classes are just awesome. These are kids who came prepared, skillful and cooperative. When a teacher teaches a class that is responding well to their teacher, it’s makes it easier for everyone.  They are getting good grades, and being really supportive of what we, as teachers do. I give my students challenges, and they respond very well to them.” Mr. Aziz, Science Teacher


“I think this year went well. It was really fun and exciting for my students, especially for the podsters who are new this year.” Mr. Harlow, Adapted P.E. Teacher

“I think the year went really well. Some of the students started out needed work on skills, but they got a lot better, they worked hard, and we’ve seen a lot of improvement accros the board in the history department. One think I will say, we introuduced DBQ’s for the first time, and I know many of my students didn’t love them, but we have seen their writing get a lot better, so we’re really excited about the writing progress that the students have made in this history hallway.” Ms. Jones, History Teacher


“It’s been  a good but challenging year. Which is usually the case.” Mr. Ridenour, English Teacher

“It was a fast and amazing year. Seeing Vince Cerf, one of the fathers of the internet was awesome. One of the challenges was robotics, going from nothing with the three of our teams, to taking one of the teams to states. It was amazing just to get the teams off the ground and then to get a last minute invitation to states. Then of course there was the snow on the day of the robotics competition, so it was pretty rough to try and get around that. Also teaching my first year of economics was cool. So yeah, the school year went really well and we made a lot of bonds with all the kids.” Mr. Tra, Math Teacher