Club of the Month: Poetry Club

(Photo by Catherine Le)

(Photo by Catherine Le)

Catherine Le, Staff Writer

This Jaguar’s Club of the Month is Poetry Club! It was started three years ago by Ms. Olarinde with the help of Ms. Soderstrum. There are currently 10 members in Poetry Club, and the meetings are every Wednesday in room 245 after school. Even though there is a small number of students in the club, they all are strong, creative, and passionate writers.


In Poetry Club, the students would write poems of a certain topic, expressing themselves when writing. They then share their poems and give other students feedback of what they should include or change.


They participate in Slam Poetry, mainly the HyperBole which is held at George Mason University. Slam Poetry is a competition where poets perform their original works in front of an audience.  There are rounds and cheering and great poetry, but “the point is not the points, the point is the poetry” is a frequent mantra of the events. What makes it special is the supportive atmosphere. When at the slams, they are competing but they still cheer everyone on even when they mess up. Everyone feels good and relax.


“People have the impression that they need to be accomplished poets to be part of this club. They often underestimate their own work and feel that it isn’t good enough or won’t be right for us. We welcome anyone who would like to get better, write more, learn techniques. This club is for anyone who has something to say. Come see me in room 245 or Ms. Soderstrum in room 241 and talk to us. You can email me to get on the list to get Poetry Club news at [email protected]. Do it today, so you’ll get the emails for next year. We are always looking for fresh voices!  Also, you can just write poetry or listen to others; you don’t have to do slam poetry,” says Ms. Olarinde.


Also, the Poetry Club has a creative, nonfiction anthology of work coming out in book form this June called the Jagazine! English teachers will have the order form! Buy one for $5!