The Booster Board is Set for the Year!

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Ryan Clary, Staff Writer

The Falls Church boosters have been able to put a functional athletic program for the past years on the field and off the field. They have a goal to make $75,000 every school year to fund for new equipment, new jerseys, and other priorities for the sports program here at Falls Church. They put the athletes here at Falls Church to work for others like raking leaves, mulch sales, mattress sales, Christmas tree sales, and other fundraising events. The student-athletes usually do the physical work but it can’t happen without the boosters.  


       Falls Church is really starting to roar with the up and coming sport teams so now is the perfect time to get new uniforms and equipment. The booster board has to set goals. Heidi Clary, the Secretary of the boosters board, said,” We set goals to know what to achieve and when to achieve it. The goals we make are usually finances but we like to think about the student-athletes and coaches while we do it.” Keep it up boosters, we want the equipment! The boosters sell spirit wear at every  home game for every sport and they also sell raffle tickets for the varsity football games. Most of the money contributes to the Jaguar’s booster program.


      The Jags booster set up a simple fundraising event for the student-athletes here at Falls Church. The idea of it was to get the athletes to get 5-10 emails to try and get people to donate money to the booster program. The emails would be sent to those who were picked by the athletes of Falls Church. All the boosters ask for is a couple of dollars to donate to the board. Not much to ask for, so, “ Just do it!” Do what is right for your school and help the booster board out.


       While the Jags kick off the 2015-2016 year, the booster board is at the head of the pack leading the way. They are the ones that make the athletic seasons possible. The booster program here at Falls Church help the athletes and coaches buying uniforms, equipment, new sport facilities (like the new gym floor) and other supplies the Jaguar athletes need. The jags will be turning head this season with the success on field, off the field, and the new outfits! Good luck student athletes and keep doing a great job booster board!