Car of Month: Wesley Rogers

(Photo taken by Wesley Rogers)

(Photo taken by Wesley Rogers)

Danny May, Staff Writer

This month’s car is a 1999 Honda Civic EX owned by Falls Church High School student Wesley Rogers (12). This car has been in his family for generations since they bought it from their neighbors four years ago. Wesley says that his favorite thing about this beautiful car is a coin compartment that he recently discovered that he didn’t know existed until a few days ago, and already had a few coins in it when he found it, scoring him a few extra quarters.

When I asked him about the best memory he has with this car, he said that it was when the battery died and they were about to change it, but they tried starting it just one more time to make sure it was really dead, and sure enough, it started. He still uses the exact same battery to this day.

Some other interesting things he mentioned about his sweet ride include a broken fuel gauge, a check engine light that has been on for the past two months, a driver side visor that often falls down right in front of you while driving, a clock that is 45 minutes slow (but is somehow slowly catching up to regular time), and a touchy aux cord port that only works when you hold the cord in a certain position. And of course, the car has the one thing everyone wants their ride to have—a sunroof.

His particular car contains an extra safety feature that consists of a broken lock on the passenger side that is only accessible via the actual key or from the inside, not the clicker, ensuring maximum locking capabilities. This car only has two doors, however, so do a lot of racecars, so basically this car is as good as a racecar. The sleek silver finish of his Honda Civic just screams sophistication, and there’s nothing like taking this beast of a car on a drive down the highway with all two of the windows open.

This vehicle is well known for being able to go from 0 mph to a whopping 60 mph in just 20 seconds. According to Wesley, “Drivers have reported that the car has brought sight to the blind and improves your love life”. Getting roughly 26 miles to the gallon during city driving, this particular car makes for a great car for students due to its fuel efficiency. Wesley’s car shows us that as high schoolers, all we really need for transportation is something that works, nothing too fancy.