New Class Officers Ready to Lead

(Photo taken by Danny May)

(Photo taken by Danny May)

Danny May, Staff Writer

On September 23, Falls Church High School students cast their votes to support their favorite candidates to represent the school. Here are the results of the senior class voting and the names of the underclass presidents:

Nico Giraldo (12) – President

Tucker Smith (12) – Vice President

Emily Santos (12) – Communications Advisor

Emily Seracino (12) – Marketing Advisor

Elizabeth Ashley (11) – President

Allan Howe (10) – President

Stephanie Murphy (9) – President

Nico and Tucker were eager to share their ideas for keeping Falls Church great. One of their big plans is to have a trip to an amusement park at the end of the year for the seniors. However, this will require a lot of fundraising, but they are confident that they can achieve this goal with the help of the Class of 2016. Their main goal is to bring the senior class together and get everyone as involved as possible. Some of their other plans include bringing back the senior lunch line and showing outdoor movies on the football field.

Nico said the main reason he wanted to run was because he had too many ideas for the school to not run. Part of what inspired Nico to run was a quote from the legendary John Cena: “If you don’t learn from your mistakes, then they become regrets.”

Emily Seracino said that as Senior Marketing Advisor, she really wants for everyone to have a wonderful senior year. She says that she wants to make homecoming memorable and fun and plan a class trip in the spring with help from new fundraising ideas. Emily said that she really wanted to get involved this year because she has many new ideas to bring to the table.

Emily Santos said that one thing that she would like to see happen as the Communications Advisor of the senior class is the Powderpuff game. She said that she has been waiting since freshman year for it to happen, and this is finally the year for it. Emily said, “I ran because I love promoting school spirit and as the communications advisor, I feel that I could promote spirit in our school even more! It’s our senior year and I really want to make it the best year!”

For the freshmen, Stephanie Murphy took the win. Stephanie stated in her campaign speech video that even though this is her first time running for a student government position, she has experience as a student ambassador and peer mediator. She also claimed that as a student athlete and Girl Scout, she is definitely qualified for the role of class president.

Allan Howe’s “Just do it” attitude earned him his role as sophomore class president. When I asked Allan what he would like to accomplish during his time as president, he said, “I would like to get a really cool t-shirt design for my class, and I also want to build a good homecoming float.”  Allan wanted to run for president to get more leadership experience and make the school a better place.

On the junior class side, Elizabeth Ashley won the presidential election. In Elizabeth’s campaign speech, she stated that she wanted everyone to have a voice in the junior class. She also talked about promoting fundraising, and having the best prom ever.

These new class officers have a lot of great ideas, and the enthusiasm and dedication to make this the best school year yet!