The Hacking Incident: The Resolving Process

Jasmyne Singleton, Staff writer

Have you every felt that some of your personal documents have been deleted? That your being watched and followed wherever you go? Well your not the only one because two of the highest top ranking securities in America have been hacked into. Personal emails and information have been taken away from these heavily guarded officials and there devices. CIA Director John Brennan and Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson have both had personal information stolen from them. This incident has everyone over the edge, because an anonymous source has claimed to be in high school and has been bragging about doing the very said deed.

This is not uncommon here in Virginia or even in America. Just this summer over 21.5 million computers, laptops, and other personal electronics have been exposed to hackers from all over. some ranging from Tokyo, Japan, while others are hacking in neighboring state, Maryland. Over 100 incidents involving hackers have occurred some even going as far as to hacking into your car. Think that’s not safe? Two weeks ago, somewhere off in Miami, Florida, hackers had been reported hacking into a city jail.

This of course has become one of the main topics of the 2015 year. How can we keep our personal belongs and ourselves safe? What’s to say the hackers wont do something even more drastic and hack into baby monitor’s? Is there an extra protection plan for our phones and stuff? All these questions and more are some of the reasons that electronics are working on finding out a solution for the problem. A lot of people are willing to pay big money to have the best of the best, but who’s to say that the best is really safe?

A lot of people are starting up groups and organization for staying safe online and how to  clean off  your computers from virus attacks. Some of the basics are, to never give out your personal information online. Yeah I know, a lot of people say that they wont but in reality we all know that you do, even if its by accident.  Step two is to always keep a password on your phone. It gives out alerts if someone had tried and failed at guessing it. Also, make sure that your password isn’t to easy or it would be even easier to hack into it. Step three is to never give out your password. You might give it to your best friend, who might give it to her sister, who might give it to her boyfriend, and there are just too many ways that that could end up really badly. step four is to use usernames that couldn’t give out too much information. If your a girl, don’t use a girly username and if your a boy, don’t use a name generally directed to guys. Use names that would confuse the person even just a little.

These steps should definitely help with all the hacking and even the technologists working, it will definitely help keep even more safe.