Why is FCPS Replacing the Good Stuff?

Ryan Clary, Staff Writer

The Fairfax County Public School Board has been recently shutting off the junk food that they are feeding our kids these days. Some people have different views or opinions of the new policy that has been adopted by the FCPS school system. In my opinion, I think that teachers would like more healthy foods in the vending machines and students would like more junk food like candy, potato chips, soda, etc.

Luke Strother (10), a student-athlete here at Falls Church High School, is not a fan of this new healthy food in our vending machines. “I think it’s a bad idea because I really enjoy the candy and look forward to eating the candy after school. I also enjoy it after a nice, hearty meal. And now, they took it away. Now I’m going to be very sad that I can’t get candy. I’ll miss you candy.”

Jason Darling (10), another FCHS student-athlete has the same opinion as Luke. “Like when I’m in school I look forward to getting a pack of Skittles to eat throughout the day and it is in that one vending machine in the gym lobby. I really think it should come back.”

Mr. Choi, a computer arts teacher, likes the new vending machine plan for Falls Church. “So, about FCPS taking away the unhealthy food and replacing it with healthy food. It’s a pretty good idea I guess,” said Mr. Choi. “Um, you know, at least when I was in school was always eating unhealthy foods and if there were more options I would probably try more choices other than unhealthy foods. It’s good to get good eating habits early on so I’m with FCPS on this one.”

Kevin Do (10), a student here at Falls Church, has the same opinion as Mr. Choi. “Honestly, I’ve never gotten anything from the machines here, so it could be helpful. I think it could be helpful to some students because it would keep them less distracted from learning.”

We definitely have different opinions in regards to this issue. However, the fact is many students like the junk food that FCPS is taking away. I am one of them. I think that for people who stay after school for activities or sports, the long day almost requires a little sugar-energy kick that baked chips just can’t provide. We’re almost adults; as students we should have the choice to select the foods we want to eat, and Fairfax County should allow us to access those choices in the school vending machines.